TFC Events Coming Soon…

Welcome to 2021! We have exciting news about our many upcoming events. Coming soon to a screen near you…

Collaborating to Build Better in FinTech: Co-hosted by TFC and Ireland’s South East Financial Services Cluster (ISEFS) – expect to hear from forward-thinking and inspiring leaders, trend-setters and entrepreneurs sharing perspective and expertise on the moving trends of our time. This is the first of a series which will roll out throughout 2021.

TFC: The Fintech Gateway to Europe: This webinar is for anyone considering providing regulated fintech services in Europe. The Fintech Corridor recognises and promotes the many good reasons for fintech businesses to cluster in the area between Dublin and Belfast. Through a series of webinars, we will consider those many appeals in more detail with local experts. In this webinar, we consider the appeal for both local payment service providers and those from outside of Europe to settle in this area in order to serve the European market.

TFC & NI CYBER: Securing Fintech: Presenting the second in a series of  events on cybersecurity and its challenges.

Don’t worry we’ll update you on dates and times so you can add to your calendar – that way you wont miss out on TFC events in the next few months.

Here’s to 2021 – lets make it a year to remember!