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Who We Are & What We Do

Facilitate business needs within the Dublin to Belfast corridor, by driving development through our businesses and partner organisations, together with an all-island focus to start or expand in fintech we are the gateway for companies to Europe, whilst connecting the EU&UK fintech.

Integral part of the fintech community in the EU&UK. We continue to pioneer a vision for the island of Ireland, Europe and beyond. We see immense opportunity to engage with companies from start up to multinational, and to ignite opportunities and collaborations across the island, which will ultimately benefit both jurisdictions and its members.

Network – at TFC our Brand Ambassadors and Advisory Board members are a large group of recognised industry leaders who share a passion and willingness to be involved in projects, provide coaching and mentoring support about fintech’s and the services TFC provide. We connect and introduce you to founders, leaders, institutions, potential partners and other key individuals in Fintech.

Trade best practice – within our accessible and resourceful representatives we collaborate with universities North and South – allowing us to connect businesses with universities that offer more courses online and apprenticeship opportunities, gaining valuable skills that will not only help those in fintech find employment but allows consideration for alternative career’s and innovative business ideas with direct information on R&D sector access. By joining our network you will receive invitations to events early access to workshops and programmes and exclusive networking opportunities.

Ecosystem – we continue to build a diverse ecosystem within the financial services and technology spaces, we support innovation and growth and enable members to overcome the many challenges facing the sector. We are dedicated to growing and scaling TFC’s ecosystem, and encourage the opportunity to contribute to our network, we offer support at every stage regardless of your company position and benefit from free membership until September 2021.

Cross-border collaboration – TFC is the primary cross boarder (fintech) cluster on the island of Ireland, made up of industry, public bodies and academia in both jurisdictions. Supported by lead partner InterTradeIreland, as a cross-border partnership we focus on the many well established fintech organisations and enterprise hubs already operating along the corridor, the area provides start-ups and SMEs with an attractive and accessible location from which to grow across the UK, Ireland and into Europe.

Highlight the unique capabilities of the most in-demand and fastest-growing sector. TFC has created a path for you to access industry leaders, problem solve, increase innovation and spur growth with imaginative use of technology in the design and delivery of fintech.

We are continually driving development, collaboration and promoting the benefits of the region, and developing our competitive advantage and creating a strong profile to showcase our services. Please click ‘become a member’ section for full details of benefits.

Our Story

Previously known as the M1 Payments Corridor, a concept developed by members of the Mill Enterprise Centre, the initial goal was to facilitate the Northeast region in the Republic of Ireland by adding value to the concentration of ePayments and transaction companies within the region.

With finance and technology at the heart of every company, we’re proud to support and develop an innovative and collaborative programme within the fintech industry.

After a recent rebrand to ‘The Fintech Corridor’ we continue to pioneer a vision, and with our unique opportunity to collaborate between the north and south of the island while focusing on the wider aspects of developing partnerships and positioning the Dublin to Belfast region as the most attractive and accessible location for Fintech on the island and as a gateway for fintech companies to Europe, whilst connecting EU&UK fintech

TFC will be the driving force in developing and collaborating with members, promoting the benefits of locating anywhere along the corridor, supporting people and organisations to meet their business needs and enhance skills and focus on the key elements to achieve their growth targets.

Advisory Board

TFC Advisory Board consists of a group of individuals who bring distinctive skills and knowledge designed to enable and empower the programme to reach the highest level of success and standards.

Brand Ambassadors

Our brand ambassadors are dedicated to making TFC one of the major hubs of innovation internationally. With their expertise and global influence, they are key in making the island of Ireland the Fintech corridor of choice. Within the BA group, our members enhance the collaboration, development and growth of the corridor and the region.

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Hilary Moran      hilary@thefintechcorridor.com       +353 83 010 5512

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