Benefits for Industry

Developing the Fintech Sector

We work with some of the leading companies in the world that are an integral part of the fintech community.

We create and facilitate the opportunity for new and existing companies to connect and engage with a range of diverse industry leaders in related industry. Groups consist of recognised industry leaders, who share a passion and willingness to become strong ambassadors for the Fintech Corridor cluster within their own network, to help us achieve our objectives and make TFC a successful and internationally recognised fintech corridor.

Our partners recognise the importance of delevoping the fintech sector, and are instrumental in increasing and advancing research and creating a skilled workforce. We pioneer a vision to increase connectivity between industry and academia and believe that learning by doing and developing creative competencies is the best way to keep students and employees interested, motivated and add value to the worksforce.

Our talent development initiative, designed to attract high-potential candidates will develop, motivate and retain top talent. Member companies will benefit from cirriculum involvement, talent development and fostering an environment of continuous learning and growth by boosting employee engagement and increasing the retention of top talent.

Benefit / USP

Community Engagement: founders, leaders, institutions and  potential partners in fintech.

Benefit / USP

More jobs, economic growth, opportunity to innovate and collaborate.

Benefit / USP

Launch and grow fintech businesses  in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Benefit / USP

Play your part in shaping the future of fintech: work with academics to develop the skills required of the sector

Knowledge Sharing

Industry Collaborations

“The ‘FUSE’ mentoring programme, led by PayPal, is a wonderful opportunity for Fintech businesses, along the Fintech Corridor...

Chief Executive, Enterprise Northern Ireland

“The ‘FUSE’ mentoring programme, led by PayPal, is a wonderful opportunity for Fintech businesses, along the Fintech Corridor…

to avail of richly informed guidance and signposting. The Enterprise Northern Ireland network are keen to promote this opportunity to a growing number of aspirant start-ups and SMEs throughout our connected networks.” Learn More