What We Do


A pathway to industry leaders, increase innovation and growth in the design and delivery of fintech.

As an integral part of the fintech community, we facilitate business needs by driving development through industry and partner organisations.

Whether you’re a start-up, a large financial institution, an investor or professional service, being part of The Fintech Corridor allows us to connect you to a network of leaders and innovators on the island of Ireland.

We provide a unique opportunity to collaborate between north and south while focusing on the wider aspects of developing partnerships and positioning the Dublin to Belfast region as the most attractive and accessible location for Fintech on the island and as a gateway for fintech companies to Europe, whilst connecting EU&UK fintech.

We see immense opportunity to engage with companies from start-up to multinational and to ignite opportunities and collaborations across the island, which will ultimately benefit both jurisdictions and our members.

In our diverse ecosystem, we support innovation and growth and enable members to overcome the many challenges facing the sector.


Develop and learn new skills through the Fintech Academy

TFC is the only cross border fintech cluster organisation engaged in connecting industry and education, and the driving force behind the Talent Development Initiative Shaping the Future of Fintech Learning, to grow industry access to talent.

Benefit from a diverse population of students who have completed fintech credit courses, participated in fintech-focused events, engaged on  related  projects, and attended career fairs and festivals. Students can obtain apprenticeships and clear career pathways with the help of The Fintech Academy.


Knowledge Sharing through the Fintech Corridor

With a rapidly growing ecosystem you can connect and engage with a range of diverse  leaders in related industry with a keen focus on innovation and growth within finance and technology spaces.

Along with traditional face-to-face events and activities, we host many virtual events that enable individuals and organisations to share information, skills, and expert experience improving the absorptive and innovation capacity, leading to sustained competitive advantage of companies as well as individuals. We provide an opportunity for individuals and organisations to reach audiences who want to learn and share their talent.


Brand awareness and promotion on the Fintech network

We are a cluster of loyal members. By successfully promoting your brand, you’ll reap a host of benefits. For a start, the unique positioning of The Fintech Corridor already gives you a competitive edge to stand out from the crowd.

Our EcoSystem

TFC’s Brand Ambassadors are dedicated in making the island of Ireland the Fintech corridor of choice.

Public Body Lead Partner

Colloborate, grow and unlock opportunities with IntertradeIreland

InterTradeIreland has been helping small businesses in Ireland and Northern Ireland explore new cross-border markets, develop new products, processes and services and become investor ready for over two decades.

Location is Key

Ideally located between the two capital cities on the island of Ireland.


Over 3 million people live between Belfast and Dublin. 50% of the entire population of the island of Ireland.


3 International Airports between Belfast and Dublin. Belfast International BFS, BHD, DUB.


90 minute motorway drive between Dublin & Belfast. Intercity Bus and Rail Links between the two cities.


We work with conference and event coordinators that are highly experienced and can assist in preparing conference programs to the highest standard.

Knowledge Sharing

Cross Border Opportunities

“Key all-island sectoral concentrations have developed, for example among financial services and fintech firms along the Dublin-Belfast economic corridor.


“Key all-island sectoral concentrations have developed, for example among financial services and fintech firms along the Dublin-Belfast economic corridor.”

“IDA, along with other stakeholders including client companies, EI, Invest Northern Ireland and InterTradeIreland, is an active member of the Dublin to Belfast Fintech Corridor, which seeks to connect the fintech ecosystems in both jurisdictions” Learn More